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Processing methods
Acebond panel is very easy to process. All cutting, milling, slotting, side-folding and curving can be easily fulfilled by simple tools used for processing timber and metal. It can be shaped into various shapes, such as curve, reserve curve, curve comer and sharp curve, according to requirements of building design. It is incomparable for other decorating materials.
Saw cutting 
It can be easily processed with wood product processing saw and plate saw.
It's recommended to use hard alloy blade 
 It's important to make the U type slotting process with a distance fo 0.2-0.4mm from the polyethylene substrate.
The recommended slot angle is 110
(1)milling machine and trimmer
Use the modified drill as showed in the left chart.
Running speed:20000-30000rpm
Feed speed:3-5m/miner /> Material: hard alloy
Material: hard alloy
(2)When processing large quantity of U type slots,
it's recommended to use round saw and belt saw. And the following is an example of slitter
● material: hard alloy flake
● outer diameter:305mm
● number of teeth:24
● running speed:3000-5000rpm
Bending With panel folder
If operated on the platform, bending part can be made very tidy. Platen puncher, plate folder or bending dies are applied as bending equipment. The recommended temperature for bending is over 10 
Bending with panel bender 
When plate folder is used to finish the Acebond panel, dies shall be placed on with appropriate radius. And the required parameters of Acebond panel are showed as below. 

Bending with 3-roller panel bender 
3-roller panel bender is more preferable for bending of large intimal diameter to plate folder, before the bending, it shall ensure that it can be manually bent after bending. 
Countersunk rivet can realize easy joint from one direction 
Considering from deformation limit, formula>2D is the best calculation way of aperture D and distance from hole center to plate end.
Scheme Of Installation 
Installation Doawloadpassword) cartoon download (password
Example of panel type and joint designA
Angle aluminum and seal joint(1)
1. Acebond Panel
2. Aluminum rivet
3. Angle aluminum
4. Angle aluminum
5. Sealing material
6. Bach spacer
7. Spacer
8. Angle bar
9. Bullet screw 

Example of column covering 
1. Acebond Panel
2. Angle support
3. Steel plate strip
4. Sealing material
5. Plastic lining bar
6. Accessories
7. Bullet screw
8. Angel bar
Above mentioned accessories are used for low buildings. 

Installation example of building top 
1. Acebond Panel
2. Building top
3. Angle support
4. Angle support
5. Angle bar
6. Sealing material
7. Lining material
8. Bullet Screw
Built-in anchoring or expanding bolt 
Installation example of external corner 
1. Acebond Panel
2. Sealing material
3. Lining material
4. Angle bar
5. Steel plate strip 
Installation example of internal corner
1. Acebond panel
2. Sealing material
3. Lining material
4. Angle bar
5. Steel plate strip 
Example of strut covering 
1. Acebond panel
2. Angle support
3. Angle bar
4. Sealing material
5. Plastic lining bar
6. Accessories
7. Bullen screw
8. Bearing strut
Above mentioned accessories are used for low buildings 


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