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  • The civil part is constructed by Shanghai Construction Engineering and Construction Group Co., Ltd. The main bridge includes the foundation part, triangle area, main span arch bridge and main bridge deck. Surface attached sidewalks, sightseeing trails, anti-collision walls, with isolation.


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  • Direction of Panel: Metallic and mica coatings have a reflective or pearlescent finish, due to the millions of microscopic aluminum or mica particles suspended in the paint mix. These particles are oriented in the longitudinal direction during the coil coating process. During production, arrows and


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  • Cleaning Solution: (Exterior ACP/ASP/ASP(New)/AHP Products) Expert and regular cleaning not only maintains the aesthetic and representative finish of stove-lacquered surface but also maintains their quality through the removal of dirt and aggressive deposits. Cl


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  • Aluminum Composite Panel PRODUCTION FLOW CHART Raw Aluminum coil →Aluminum coil Cleaning Process →Aluminum coil Chromating Process →Aluminum coil Color Coating Process →Aluminum coil and Plastic core Continuous Laminating Process.


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