Stone color Aluminum ACM
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Stone color Aluminum ACM

The panel comprises a polyethylene core between two aluminum skin, the LDPE core's thickness and alloy's width can be designed according to customers requirement, the front surface is coated with PVDF paints, the protective film on the top surface can be peeled off. The back sheet is done by anti-corrosive pretreatment or coated with anti-corrosive paints.

Stone color Aluminum ACM

Stone color ACM is made up of three layers, with two layers of aluminum skin on the top and bottom, and one layer of anti-toxic polyethylene material in the middle. For the two aluminum skins, which is processed by chemical anodizing treatment, they are stone color. 

Aluminum composite panel structure




Brand Name

 ACEBOND stone acp aluminium composite   panels

Panel size

1) Standard size :1220mmx2440mmx3mm/4mm 
  Non-standard size1250x3200mm,   1550x5800mm, 2000x 5800mm
  2) Accepted thickness:2-4mm(standard) 5mm 6mm(new and special)
  3) Accepted width: 1000mm, 1220mm,1250mm, 1500mm,1550mm, 2000mm max
  (non-standard width, but availble),etc
  4) Accepted Length: According to buyer's requirements (Max:6000mm) 
  5) Skin aluminium thickness
  indoors: 0.15*0.15mm 0.18*0.18mm 0.20*0.20mm
  outdoors: 0.5*0.5mm 0.4*0.4mm 0.3*0.3mm 0.25*0.25mm 0.20*0.20mm   0.15*0.15mm 


1) Front: aluminium alloy sheet coated   with PVDF or PE.
  2) Core: nontoxic low density polyethylene(LDPE)/plastic fireproof   materials(B1 OR A2).
  3) Back: aluminium coated with polyester service coating or just mill finish.


1)Under common temperatures and radiation, the   surface is no color different.
  2)Under natural climate, film coating will be no flake,no rubbles,no vestige   and no pulverization.
  3)Under common environment, no flake,no rubbles.
  4)products with PVDF coating  guarantee 15~20 years.
  5)According to international test standard, all the tested items are   satisfied with high-class.


1)Light weight, the intensity is high, easy to   maintain, cut bend, arch and install. 
  The panel average weight is 3.5 - 5.5 kg/sqm.
  2)Extremely good for the weathering resistance, acidity, alkaline resistance,   thermal 
  insulation, acoustic insulation and damping.
  3)The surface is smooth and flat and easy to maintain., just use neutral   cleaner and
   water can totally renew the panel.
  4)The aluminium surface is tough, the core PE panel is flexible, therefore   the panel 
  has high impact resistance.

Application 1)

1)Constructional exterior curtain walls;
  2)Decorative renovation for storey-added old buildings;
  3) Indoors decoration for interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens
  4)Advertisement board, display platforms and signboards;
  5) Wallboard and ceilings for tunnels;
  6) Raw materials in industrial purpose;
  7)Materials used for vehicle and boat.


A) SGS Test report

B) Fireproof Test Report

C) AS1530.1 Test Report


E) EN13501-1 Test Report

Available Colors:
We can produce all colors on all professional color cards


1.How do I get a price for using ACP?

We know you need an installed price for budgeting purposes ACP material is only one component of the process that also includes meeting exacting fabrication speciafications and specifications and specific installation requirements.

2.What about customer service and technical support?

We offer package of service,What you need to do just offer us your graph,and we will calculate the accessories you need.If you need we also offer processing service.


3.How do I get a free sample of my specific program colors?

Submission of an actual sample of your color paint chip is best foe color matching.If an actual sample is unavaiable,simply provide us with the Pantone color munber along with the desired gloss level.


1) Gas piping, cables, building materials, etc (this product fills a gap in the domestic construction materials field, with performance indexes superior to panels manufactured overseas)
2) Curtain wall decoration for buildings where security is important, such as airports, hospitals and research centers
3) Curtain wall for outside walls of normal buildings
4) Renovations of old buildings and movable houses
5) Reformation and decoration for indoor walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies
6) Facades
7) exhibition desks and notice boards
8) Wall and ceilings for tunnels
9) Materials for industrial application, car and ship bodies


1) Direction of Panel:
Metallic and mica coatings have a reflective or pearlescent finish, due to the millions of microscopic aluminum or mica particles suspended in the paint mix. These particles are oriented in the longitudinal direction during the coil coating process. During production, arrows and a production number are printed on the back surface of the panels. Directional arrows are also printed on the strippable protective film. Consequently, it is important when fabricating and installing panels with metallic or mica coatings to take this orientation into account. Panel directionality must be maintained in order to avoid shading differences between adjacent panels and must be taken into account when making the optimization calculations.


2) Protective film: 

The film protects the paint finish during fabrication and installation. It   should, however,be removed as soon as possible after installation of the panel on site, especially in the case of panels   exposed to sunlight and weather. The protective film should only remain temporarily on   the panels. Arrows are printed on the film to indicate the direction of coil-coating   (important for metallic finishes). Opaque film 80 μ thick with ultraviolet barrier is used   on PVDF.


3) Grooving: 

When aluminium-plastic panel is under edge fold construction, it shall be grooving at edge fold     section and it may open V-groove and U-groove, etc. according to edge fold requirement, several typical grooving ways see figure C.l. It shall make use of Special grooving machinery for aluminium-plastic panel to ensure grooving depth is not damage the opposite aluminium material and it shall be left with 0.3 mm thick plastic layer. It may adopt  reinforcing measures as bordered rib, etc. as it is required at grooving section. Unit is mm  4) Lacquer Cleaning Information:



Cleaning Solution:

Cleaning intervals depend on local environmental conditions and the resulting amount of soiling. Surface should be cleaned either manually or with a suitable cleaning device from top to bottom.

Please do not use any abrasive pads on lacquered surfaces. We recommend that the cleaning agent be tried on an unobtrusive part of the object to be cleaned to check whether the surface is affected.

Do not clean hot surface(>40) as the quick drying process may cause blemishes.


Main Procedures of cleaning of Stove-lacquered surface
1.use clean water to wash the lacquered panel surface;
2.use soft cloth which soaked with cleaning agent to wipe the panel surface lightly;
3.use a lot of water to wash away the dirt on the panel surface;
4.check the panel surface carefully, use cleaning agent to clean the remaining dirt area;
5.use a lot of water to wash all panel surface till all panel surface without any remaining cleaning agent.

Note : An increased expenditure of cleaning may be necessary in case of very dirty/soiled area or area which was not cleaned for a long period.  In the case, the time of reaction/agitation or stronger mix/dosage of the cleaning agent may be necessary.  An increased of force during the cleaning process is not recommend because of a high risk of damages (e.g. changed of degree of brightness/gloss)

Please do not use any powerful alkaline cleaning agents such as potassium hydroxide, sodium carbonate or caustic soda, or any powerful acidic products or heavily abrasive scouring agents or lacquer-dissolving cleaning agents.


A) Nude Packing

B) Wooden Pallet

C) Wooden Box






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