Metal Ceiling

Metal Ceiling

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Metal Ceiling                             PRODUCTION FLOW CHART

Raw aluminum coil (plate) →Standard square aluminum ceiling polyester powder coating and aluminum plate processing technology and equipment.

Product processing technology brief: automatic continuous flat cutting production technology is the professional production process designed by Top ace development limited in square plate and grille processing. It is used for rapid leveling aluminum plate precise cutting, to improve the aluminum plate cutting size precision, to make the product processing and molding size more accurate, easy to reduce the error between the panels in the installation process.

Our company also uses the secondary roller flattening technology to release the aluminum sheet stress, to ensure that the aluminum sheet has no internal stress after hydraulic forming, so as to avoid the occurrence of upper and lower concavity of the formed panel due to stress release during the installation. The perforated panel adopts automatic continuous roller leveling, punching hole, punching angle cutting, secondary roller leveling, hydraulic edge folding form and other multi-process production line equipments.

Automatic production line

-1, Cutting and flatten

     Aluminum coil                  Flatten aluminum coil


   After cutting angle                    Cutting angle


Secondary Flatten aluminum plate          Finished Aluminum plate

2, Perforation (Punching Hole)



3, Molding


4, Spray Powder Coating




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