Flat-Seamless Series Aluminum Panel
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Flat-Seamless Series Aluminum Panel

Fluorocarbon aluminum soild panel has been widely used due to its superior weather resistance, corrosion resistance, light and beautiful quality and convenient installation.

Flat-Seamless Series Aluminum Panel



Aluminum Single panel, flat-seamless series have diminished the gap between panel and panel, and make the overall look smooth and tidy. The smoothness and flatness of the panel make the building bright and clean. This has enhanced the environment we live.


1, Light weight,good rigidity and strength

2, Non-flammable,good fire restistance

3, Exellent UV resistance, excellent weather resistance of surface, superior resistance to acid and alkali. 

4, Shelf life is 20 years without discoloration under normal outdoor environment.

5, Good formability, can be formed to plane, arc and complicated shape, such as sphere and tower.

6, Hard-to-stain,easy to clean and maintain

7, Wide range of color optional, excellent decoration effect

8, Easy to recycle, no pollution.

3, Installation, Color and Series:



Q: What's your payment term?
A:T/T, L/C, O/A. And we have flexible payment according to customers ‘credit.

Q: How about your Inspection & Packaging?
A: Double inspection and tracking system by our well-educated people,each batch of orders must be strictly checked by on-site workers and export inspectors from beginning to after loading .
Standard wooden packing according to customer’s demands.



1) For the curtain wall, both outer-side and inner side/Ceiling

2) Underground/Airport/Bus station/Railway station etc

3) Office building/Shopping mall/Hotel/Restaurant/School/Hospital/ Meeting room etc

4) Handrail/Column/Lobby/Corridor etc


1) Direction of Panel:
Metallic and mica coatings have a reflective or pearlescent finish, due to the millions of microscopic aluminum or mica particles suspended in the paint mix. These particles are oriented in the longitudinal direction during the coil coating process. During production, arrows and a production number are printed on the back surface of the panels. Directional arrows are also printed on the strippable protective film. Consequently, it is important when fabricating and installing panels with metallic or mica coatings to take this orientation into account. Panel directionality must be maintained in order to avoid shading differences between adjacent panels and must be taken into account when making the optimization calculations.


2) Protective film: 

The film protects the paint finish during fabrication and installation. It   should, however,be removed as soon as possible after installation of the panel on site, especially in the case of panels   exposed to sunlight and weather. The protective film should only remain temporarily on   the panels. Arrows are printed on the film to indicate the direction of coil-coating   (important for metallic finishes). Opaque film 80 μ thick with ultraviolet barrier is used   on PVDF.


3) Grooving: 

When aluminium-plastic panel is under edge fold construction, it shall be grooving at edge fold     section and it may open V-groove and U-groove, etc. according to edge fold requirement, several typical grooving ways see figure C.l. It shall make use of Special grooving machinery for aluminium-plastic panel to ensure grooving depth is not damage the opposite aluminium material and it shall be left with 0.3 mm thick plastic layer. It may adopt  reinforcing measures as bordered rib, etc. as it is required at grooving section. Unit is mm  4) Lacquer Cleaning Information:



Cleaning Solution:

Cleaning intervals depend on local environmental conditions and the resulting amount of soiling. Surface should be cleaned either manually or with a suitable cleaning device from top to bottom.

Please do not use any abrasive pads on lacquered surfaces. We recommend that the cleaning agent be tried on an unobtrusive part of the object to be cleaned to check whether the surface is affected.

Do not clean hot surface(>40) as the quick drying process may cause blemishes.


Main Procedures of cleaning of Stove-lacquered surface
1.use clean water to wash the lacquered panel surface;
2.use soft cloth which soaked with cleaning agent to wipe the panel surface lightly;
3.use a lot of water to wash away the dirt on the panel surface;
4.check the panel surface carefully, use cleaning agent to clean the remaining dirt area;
5.use a lot of water to wash all panel surface till all panel surface without any remaining cleaning agent.

Note : An increased expenditure of cleaning may be necessary in case of very dirty/soiled area or area which was not cleaned for a long period.  In the case, the time of reaction/agitation or stronger mix/dosage of the cleaning agent may be necessary.  An increased of force during the cleaning process is not recommend because of a high risk of damages (e.g. changed of degree of brightness/gloss)

Please do not use any powerful alkaline cleaning agents such as potassium hydroxide, sodium carbonate or caustic soda, or any powerful acidic products or heavily abrasive scouring agents or lacquer-dissolving cleaning agents.


A) Nude Packing

B) Wooden Pallet

C) Wooden Box


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